#10DCAC June 1 – MASK

Mask – Harn Museum (University of Florida)


I took an unexpected trip to Gainesville, FL yesterday. I had some time and was able to visit the Harn Museum of Art. It has been quite a while since my last visit. I love to wander in museums. And I love that very LOUD quiet that exists when people are visiting. Do you know what I mean? No one talking or if they are it is just in whispers. The only sound I heard was the quiet tip-tap of feet occasionally on the wood floors. I made my way to the African Collection and became fascinated with their collection of masks. They had so many but the one above struck me the most. I loved the simple clean lines – not ornate. Striking in its simplicity.

#10DCAC Prompt 1 – Mask

Welcome to #10DCAC! Lynne and I are committed to sharing our love of choosing art every day and hope you will join us this month. We will have a prompt each day. We take turns with the prompts and post about them.

And you can play along! Just create something with the prompt given. It can be a journal page, a painting, a photo, a sketch, anything YOU feel like creating. We’d love to have your company and your creations. She and I post on Instagram and Facebook with the #10DCAC. If you feel a bit shy about sharing your creation we do have a private Facebook group. Or you can send it to us via email. It is fun to see what others come up with using the same prompt and it is just a 10 Day challenge each month. I know it can be difficult to stay with the longer challenges that are out there but 10 days is doable! And you get to choose art each day!

Hoping you play along. I’m off to create with today’s prompt.

What comes to YOUR mind when you think of Mask?

Mask #10DCAC June 1

Hello world!

Woohoo! A new design on the website! I have to share that I am NOT a web designer! I struggle mightily with technology! And WordPress is way more difficult than I had imagined!

So, this will be a work in progress. Hoping to learn as I go. I’m looking for a clean, simple look to my site and my blog. Wish me luck!