#10DCAC June Prompt 3 – Ladders to Nowhere

Buddha’s Ladder
Artist – Paul Fullerton

Day 3 of #10DCAC

Also seen on my unexpected trip to UF in Gainesville, FL was this piece. I had not ever heard of Buddha’s Ladder. And the name is not what drew me it was the blue, blue sky behind the sculpture. Reminded me of the skies in New Mexico. Which led me to think of Georgia O’Keefe and her ladder in the sky. Then I noticed the name of the piece and then I noticed the spiral in Buddha’s ladder! Spirals appear often in my art.

Ladders to Nowhere – transitioning from one time in your life to another. We each have these transitions occur. What do you do when your life is in transition? I’d be curious to know. And what does this prompt bring up in your art medium?

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