#10DCAC June 9 Birds & Bees

Photo by Gail Higgins Photography

I love macro photography. I love to see things UP CLOSE and marvel at the beauty of an ant or a bee or a weed. One photographer who gets the best photos of birds, insects, bees and flowers is Gail Higgins. Her IG account is filled with fabulous photos of birds, bees, insects, flowers. You should follow her! She is doing a 100 Day Project of macro photography.

Photo by J M Neely Photography

Did you know that bees sleep? I was so intrigued when I saw this sweet photo I had to go research! I had just never considered it before.

Bees can symbolize being ‘busy as a bee’ or being a Messenger. Having you heard of the tradition of “Telling the Bees”?

“This is where the beekeeper treated their bees as extended members of their own family and kept informed of any family news in the household. Beekeepers also needed to talk to the bees in calm voices and never use harsh words for fear of upsetting the bees. Marriages, new births and especially deaths were marked by decorating the hive and telling the bees what had happened.”

I’m not sure what I’ll do in my art journal for this prompt yet! I’m filled with ideas and information. What can you come up with? Hope you are enjoying the prompts this month! Lynne with Open Hearts Studio and I love seeing what you do with them.

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