July #10DCAC 1.Get Your Quirk On 2.Summer FUN

Those Colors!

I’m finding myself drawn to bright, vivid colors this summer. Starting with the Dylusion’s Ink Spray that Lynne reminded me of a few weeks ago I have gone quite crazy spraying just about everything I can think of! It has been a fun exploration of color. During our video chat last night Lynne said she has been drawn to ocean colors. (Check out her blog too!)

First prompt this week is GET YOUR QUIRK ON!

I love to draw, sketch and paint quirky little animals. When I’m doodling a little quirky creature will appear. One of my favorite ways to get quirky is to put drops of paint on a journal page and then smoosh the pages together to create something fun.

I’ll be playing with this little splotch this weekend. Wonder what it will become?
This little froggy is wondering too!

Prompt 2 – SUMMER FUN

What do you do for Summer Fun? I’ll be playing with this prompt today and posting my response on IG and FB tomorrow. Hope you will join us.

Choose to create some art and connect this weekend. Take a few minutes for yourself (or even get the family to create with you!)

Thank you for following us this month with our Choose Art Challenge – Summer Fun. We’ve had a great time video chatting. We are going to take the month of August off for #10DCAC but we will still be posting and planning our next #10DCAC!

These colors make me HAPPY!

“A Walk in the Park”

Summer fun with #10DCAC – Week 3

This month is flying by! Hope you are enjoying our change of pace with the weekly prompts. We might change up a bit for August as well – stay tuned!

Lynne’s prompt this week is

“I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream” She has a wonderful blog post up with a cool, cool idea to try! I can’t wait to make something using her idea!

My prompt is “A Walk In the Park”.

We have a rescue pup named Kirby. He is a Australian Shepherd, beagle mix. He and I walk every morning. With his nose, we are stopping and going constantly. One of his favorite spots is the local park. As I was waiting for his nose to let us move to the next spot, I noticed the trees and all the beautiful plants that I was surrounded with! I gathered samples of various trees, shrubs, and weeds and headed home with them knowing I wanted to do something with them. When Lynne mentioned using Dylusion’s Ink Spray last week I went a bit crazy with them. Then I brought home my treasures from the park and went a little more crazy! Using the plants I used some of my journals and created prints of the plants.

Some samples of the many pages I’ve created.
This came out looking like dragonflies!!

I have to tell you I was quite giddy with this! I sprayed and blotted and then sprayed some more. I have tons of pages that I can play with now using markers and anything else I can think of!

What can you create today? Please share with us!

Use #10DCACSummerFun on IG so we see it!

We’ll be back next week with another set of prompts!

8:00 p.m. EST on Instagram!

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Week 2 – July 10DCAC

Hope you caught our Instagram Live for this week’s prompts. (Have I mentioned that the whole video live thing makes me incredibly nervous?) It does. Thank goodness Lynne is so calm and relaxed! I’m hoping it will get easier!

Two prompts for this week! Don’t forget to check Lynne’s blog post too. Create something for yourself and then share! Use #10DCAC on IG so we can find it!

Prompts are:

1. Summer Bounty

2. Rainbows

I talked about a technique that I use sometime for creating cool backgrounds and I thought I’d share a step-by-step in case you were interested. I learned this years ago from Gail Russakov, an artist I was fortunate enough to take a few workshops with. It is an easy way to use some papers and magazines with yummy colors that you love and create something new. I used Golden Fluid Acrylics to blend them together.

Supplies Needed:

And Masking Tape!!
I used Golden Fluid Acrylics – Hansa Yellow Medium, Transparent Pyrrole Orange and Red Oxide. This is the first layer. You can add as many layers as you lik. The samples below show deeper colors.
I used Canson Mixed Media Paper (card stock will work as well.) Thinner paper tends to tear easily and not hold up to the wet media.
I find the little bottle with tip can add great details. You can just use Elmer’s glue.
PVA glue is great too!
These papers are great to use in other projects. I’m seeing so many possibilities!
Rainbow Collage with Magazine Paper and Paint

Hope you try this out. I think it is a fun easy way to re-use paper from magazine, old maps, even scrapbook paper. Share what you create!

Product links included in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase from the link, you’re helping this artist continue to create. There’s no extra cost added to you. Thanks!

Day 100 – 100 Day Project

Day 100 of 100 Day Project

100 Day Project – I did it! I set out to create backgrounds and add meaningful quotes to the art. I learned a few things along the way.

  1. I do not enjoy lettering as much as I thought! I switched back and forth between hand letters and using fonts from the computer on a photo of my artwork.
  2. Quotes are “da bomb”! The quotes that speak to me the most were often then quotes that spoke to others. It was interesting to see the response to the quotes from family and friends.
  3. Clowns creep some people out! I did one piece with a clown and heard from most people that clowns are creepy. Admittedly my clown was a bit creepy even for me.
  4. This was a great project for me to stay engaged and creating. I created using many different mediums; water color, ink, acrylic, collage, Dylusions Ink Sprays, Distress Ink Pads, and a few with photos. The process was fun, fun, fun.
  5. Art is a practice – a very meaningful, fulfilling practice. The practice of creation is something I wish we could ALL practice. The simple act of placing color on a page is a meditation.
  6. There were so many fabulous wonderful artists who participated! Each day I would discover a new artist whose work I admired. Knowing so many others were showing up each day inspired me to continue.
  7. Comments from others encouraged me to no end. The people who took the time to comments have no idea how much that means. I’ve started commenting more IG and FB rather than just ‘liking’ something. Those few words would make my day when I received them.
  8. There is inspiration everywhere! I would find a quote on someone’s FB page or in a magazine I was reading at the doctor’s office. And the backgrounds came from EVERYWHERE! This project had me really looking at what was in front of me. It brought an awareness to my process that I am truly thankful for.
  9. I’m not going to ‘like or love’ every piece I do. There were a few that I just wasn’t thrilled with. But I kept going knowing the the next one had the potential to be better. Who said, “You’ve got to create a lot of bad work before you create something wonderful?” Or something like that?
  10. Seeing all the pieces I did together is gratifying! And to see others entire grouping is inspiring. You can see all my pieces in the IG feed below or search in IG for #choosejoystudio100dayproject

Would you be interested is one of the pieces I created? I’m printing some of them and will be adding to my Etsy site soon. If you are interested in the originals please direct message me on IG or FB.

Thank you for traveling along with me for this 100 Day Journey!

A few of my favorites
Soon to be in my Etsy shop!

July Summer Fun #10DCAC

Lynne and I hosted our first IG live video last night. It was a fun experience. I was a bit nervous. That whole thought of talking in front of people! Yikes! But I enjoyed it and Lynne did great!

We presented the two prompts for this weeks #10DCAC. We’re hoping we can connect and create with YOU! Post your responses by Sunday and let us see what you come up with! It’s so much more fun to create with a group!c You can post on FB or IG. Use #10DCAC to make sure we see it. We would love to host a showcase the first of August of all the wonderful art created by you with these prompts!

Prompt 1 – Sunsets –

What a great prompt! I just got back from a week at the beach and watched the sun rise each morning. Lynne spent a week at a beach and got to watch the sun set each evening! Someday I’d like to go to Key West and sit and watch both. I’m going to get my paints out today and paint a sunset. Lynne reminded of the the Dylusions Ink sprays and I may pull them out to play with as well. Check out Lynne’s blog for a post about Sunsets!

Prompt 2 – Create with Black and White –

While I was at the beach I saw tons of turtle nests on the beach. The beach patrol had them cordoned off with tape to keep them safe. I have always wanted to see a turtle nest or even more watch the hatchlings as they go back to the water. Maybe next year!

This led me to want to create a turtle. As I was thinking on that I came across some leftover pads of black and white patterned paper from a project I did a few years ago.

Sea Turtle

This little fellow appeared and now I’m thinking I will add some color to it!I will post my finished turtle tomorrow. Post your art tomorrow too! If you are interested in a template of my turtle I have one in a PDF format that I am sharing. I hope to use my template to create many more turtles. I’m envisioning a sea filled with turtles somehow!

Thanks for being a part of #10DCAC!

Summer Fun


I was quiet the last part of June. Spent some time at the beach – watching the sun rise each morning, walking in the sand, kayaking, watching the dolphins and the many pelicans, and enjoying time with my family. It was wonderful in all ways.

I took my watercolors and a small journal with me to play with.

Getting back into the ‘normal’ swing of things at home this week. Looking forward to Friday, July 5. Lynne and I are changing up the #10DCAC this month. We’ll be doing FB or IG live on Friday’s with a few prompts and then posting our art on Sundays. Hoping YOU will join us! Don’t be shy! Come and play. Everyone enjoys seeing what you create!