July Summer Fun #10DCAC

Lynne and I hosted our first IG live video last night. It was a fun experience. I was a bit nervous. That whole thought of talking in front of people! Yikes! But I enjoyed it and Lynne did great!

We presented the two prompts for this weeks #10DCAC. We’re hoping we can connect and create with YOU! Post your responses by Sunday and let us see what you come up with! It’s so much more fun to create with a group!c You can post on FB or IG. Use #10DCAC to make sure we see it. We would love to host a showcase the first of August of all the wonderful art created by you with these prompts!

Prompt 1 – Sunsets –

What a great prompt! I just got back from a week at the beach and watched the sun rise each morning. Lynne spent a week at a beach and got to watch the sun set each evening! Someday I’d like to go to Key West and sit and watch both. I’m going to get my paints out today and paint a sunset. Lynne reminded of the the Dylusions Ink sprays and I may pull them out to play with as well. Check out Lynne’s blog for a post about Sunsets!

Prompt 2 – Create with Black and White –

While I was at the beach I saw tons of turtle nests on the beach. The beach patrol had them cordoned off with tape to keep them safe. I have always wanted to see a turtle nest or even more watch the hatchlings as they go back to the water. Maybe next year!

This led me to want to create a turtle. As I was thinking on that I came across some leftover pads of black and white patterned paper from a project I did a few years ago.

Sea Turtle

This little fellow appeared and now I’m thinking I will add some color to it!I will post my finished turtle tomorrow. Post your art tomorrow too! If you are interested in a template of my turtle I have one in a PDF format that I am sharing. I hope to use my template to create many more turtles. I’m envisioning a sea filled with turtles somehow!

Thanks for being a part of #10DCAC!

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