Day 100 – 100 Day Project

Day 100 of 100 Day Project

100 Day Project – I did it! I set out to create backgrounds and add meaningful quotes to the art. I learned a few things along the way.

  1. I do not enjoy lettering as much as I thought! I switched back and forth between hand letters and using fonts from the computer on a photo of my artwork.
  2. Quotes are “da bomb”! The quotes that speak to me the most were often then quotes that spoke to others. It was interesting to see the response to the quotes from family and friends.
  3. Clowns creep some people out! I did one piece with a clown and heard from most people that clowns are creepy. Admittedly my clown was a bit creepy even for me.
  4. This was a great project for me to stay engaged and creating. I created using many different mediums; water color, ink, acrylic, collage, Dylusions Ink Sprays, Distress Ink Pads, and a few with photos. The process was fun, fun, fun.
  5. Art is a practice – a very meaningful, fulfilling practice. The practice of creation is something I wish we could ALL practice. The simple act of placing color on a page is a meditation.
  6. There were so many fabulous wonderful artists who participated! Each day I would discover a new artist whose work I admired. Knowing so many others were showing up each day inspired me to continue.
  7. Comments from others encouraged me to no end. The people who took the time to comments have no idea how much that means. I’ve started commenting more IG and FB rather than just ‘liking’ something. Those few words would make my day when I received them.
  8. There is inspiration everywhere! I would find a quote on someone’s FB page or in a magazine I was reading at the doctor’s office. And the backgrounds came from EVERYWHERE! This project had me really looking at what was in front of me. It brought an awareness to my process that I am truly thankful for.
  9. I’m not going to ‘like or love’ every piece I do. There were a few that I just wasn’t thrilled with. But I kept going knowing the the next one had the potential to be better. Who said, “You’ve got to create a lot of bad work before you create something wonderful?” Or something like that?
  10. Seeing all the pieces I did together is gratifying! And to see others entire grouping is inspiring. You can see all my pieces in the IG feed below or search in IG for #choosejoystudio100dayproject

Would you be interested is one of the pieces I created? I’m printing some of them and will be adding to my Etsy site soon. If you are interested in the originals please direct message me on IG or FB.

Thank you for traveling along with me for this 100 Day Journey!

A few of my favorites
Soon to be in my Etsy shop!

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