Playing with Landscape

I often sign up for various classes on-line and I often do not do the lessons. I will watch the videos to see if I’m interested. I rarely sit and work thru them. An exception this week! I signed up for the Art is Magic and Hali Karla’s lesson came last week for Landshapes. Oh my, I am smitten!! Her videos were very helpful and the reference photos she provided brought me to my easel! I’ve been playing with this concept all weekend and I don’t see an end in sight.

Using a reference photo from Hali Karla

I’ve started using my own reference photos to create with. I can see I need to keep on practicing my skills – so much to learn. At one point I would not have posted this photo but I am learning and this is not as perfect as I would like. But this is where I am with this. It can be hard to share what you create on-line. That inner voice will tell you NO! But I encourage you to go ahead and post what you are doing.

What are you working on? Or even better what are you playing with? I think of this as play each and every time I sit down at my art table. (Actually, I usually stand while I create but that’s another story!)

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