Color – This week it has been all about the color – The sun hitting the daisies, exploring the color wheel using colors I don’t usually put together. (Some worked, some did not!) The gorgeous lavender I planted. (That green with the purple is swoony and the smell, oh my goodness!)

What colors spoke to you this week? Did you make some time for play? Did you stop and smell the lavender?


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – -Albert Einstein

Each morning my day starts with feeding the kittens outside, feeding the pups inside and drinking my cup of coffee. Only then can I think about the day ahead. I, then must go out to play a bit of frisbee with Rhett, the Wonder Dog. These routines ground me into my day. What is your morning like?

Another round of the 10 Day Choose Art Challenge has come to an end, but really it is just a beginning for your own practice. I have my art table set up to start a new page in my symbolism journal which is a work in progress. I have some mandalas to play with. I have this idea for a larger work. And thoughts of sharing even more of my process. I love beginnings! What new beginnings to do you have in mind?

Lynne and I would love to cheer you on and share with you. Hope to see you soon!

Coral Fourie – Artists who Inspire

Coral Fourie Sometimes the world of Facebook is a good thing. Last year I stumbled upon the work of Coral Fourie via FB. I was deep into studying symbology and art and her work was so striking to me. Her use of color and the symbols she uses draw me in. I can spend hours looking at her work. If you go to her web page, I think you will fall in love with her work as well.

Last Spring – Coral Fourie
The Origin by Coral Fourie

“Coral believes that non-figurative art portrays the artist’s soul and that when art exposes that which cannot be seen, it is not merely a copy or purely decorative. She feels that this reveals an emotional state, a story, a meaning and that not all pictures are art because not all pictures bear witness to the soul.” E.H. du Plessis in an article for Nouveau Magazine.

I would love to know what artists have inspired you as well! I love to learn and hear about new artists. Post a photo of your favorite or send me an email. Lynne and I hope our prompts inspire you to continue to create and explore.

Turquoise & Rust

Do you ever find yourself grabbing a color and smearing it and then finding a second color and just falling in love with the two together? This is what turquoise and rust do to me. The combination brings me a true sense of . . . I can’t find the word to describe how they make me feel. I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

Turquoise and rust. They can be quite jarring sometimes and yet I am still so in awe of their beauty. Perhaps the turquoise blue skies of New Mexico with the rust colored mesas bring me that sense of familiarity and groundedness. I find myself grabbing shades of blue and rusty reds when I am feeling a need to simply paint for myself.

What colors bring you to yourself? What colors speak to you? I would really love to know. We each have these influences in our lives, these colors, these symbols that speak to us. And the landscapes of our childhood, the colors of our childhood homes all influence our beings whether we are aware or not. Little did I know as a child that those wide open skies and mesas would stay with me as they do living in the green landscapes of Florida.

Turquoise & Rust

Doors, Windows

Anyone else have a fascination with windows and doors? I started years ago taking photos of doors. Then when Pinterest came along I would save pins of doors and windows. (If you are interested in some great pins see my board!)They bring me a sense of possibility I guess. My art journals have pages with doors and gates and windows. I go back to drawing, painting them again and again. The symbolism behind them is intriguing.

Doors hold the essence of mystery, seperating two distinct areas, keeping things apart. They are a barrier, a boundary, which must be negotiated, before the threshold can be crossed. The mysterious beyond is hidden from sight by the closed door, and some sort of action must be taken before the otherside becomes visible and available to us. The closed door is full of potential, for anything might lie beyond, as yet unknown and unseen. Yet the closed door may also be limiting, preventing us ever gaining access to its hidden contents. Breath of Green Air

What is a window metaphorically? A window is a spiritual entrance through which your soul can travel. If you choose to let it go, your soul can break the glass boundaries created by the window and travel into the greater world; soaking in the sounds, the smells, the sights. A window is a portal; allowing your thoughts to roam around freely. However, a window creates boundaries, as your soul can only travel as far as your eyes can see. You cannot move right, or left; you move in an unwavering straight line. As you gaze out the window, you watch life go by, failing to contribute any involvement. Windows aren’t for proactive people; they are for those who watch rather than do. Those who sit outside of a window usually have a narrow point of view, and aren’t open to anything new or different. Need to Read Blog

I started this piece with the intent of a door which became this mandala window. Mandalas also serve as portals, doorways to new worlds. I would love to have a blue door with a stained glass mandala like this!

What comes to you when you think of Windows, Doors, or Portals? Hoping you take some time and play with this prompt. Each time I sit with my journal and let myself explore, I learn more about myself.

Thanks for reading!

#10DCAC – Hurricane Art

I have this oil lamp that my mother gave to me years ago. It always reminds me of the kerosene lamps that we used when I was a child. It is a very comforting memory. The light from an oil lamp is warm and reassuring.

We live in Florida and are currently watching Hurricane Dorian as it makes it way towards the US. It is a BIG storm. We have made all our preparations. We do not live in a flood zone. We have an emergency generator and have all the supplies like water, food, etc. Hoping this storm decides to stay out in the ocean and not come ashore. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. That’s all you can do.

In the meantime, I have all my art supplies spread out and I plan on creating and playing. Kind of like those snow days I would have as a child where I couldn’t go out and couldn’t go to school so I would just occupy myself with my projects. I’m deep into exploring eco-dying, color exploration and my daily art journaling. Working on an idea for a fun class. Still exploring negatives from my mother’s vast collection of film.

I hope wherever YOU are that you have time to sit and create and play. Share with us your creations! I love to create and connect with others. It helps to make the world a better place. YOUR creations help to make the world a better place. Stay safe, stay dry!