#10DCAC – Hurricane Art

I have this oil lamp that my mother gave to me years ago. It always reminds me of the kerosene lamps that we used when I was a child. It is a very comforting memory. The light from an oil lamp is warm and reassuring.

We live in Florida and are currently watching Hurricane Dorian as it makes it way towards the US. It is a BIG storm. We have made all our preparations. We do not live in a flood zone. We have an emergency generator and have all the supplies like water, food, etc. Hoping this storm decides to stay out in the ocean and not come ashore. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. That’s all you can do.

In the meantime, I have all my art supplies spread out and I plan on creating and playing. Kind of like those snow days I would have as a child where I couldn’t go out and couldn’t go to school so I would just occupy myself with my projects. I’m deep into exploring eco-dying, color exploration and my daily art journaling. Working on an idea for a fun class. Still exploring negatives from my mother’s vast collection of film.

I hope wherever YOU are that you have time to sit and create and play. Share with us your creations! I love to create and connect with others. It helps to make the world a better place. YOUR creations help to make the world a better place. Stay safe, stay dry!

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