Turquoise & Rust

Do you ever find yourself grabbing a color and smearing it and then finding a second color and just falling in love with the two together? This is what turquoise and rust do to me. The combination brings me a true sense of . . . I can’t find the word to describe how they make me feel. I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

Turquoise and rust. They can be quite jarring sometimes and yet I am still so in awe of their beauty. Perhaps the turquoise blue skies of New Mexico with the rust colored mesas bring me that sense of familiarity and groundedness. I find myself grabbing shades of blue and rusty reds when I am feeling a need to simply paint for myself.

What colors bring you to yourself? What colors speak to you? I would really love to know. We each have these influences in our lives, these colors, these symbols that speak to us. And the landscapes of our childhood, the colors of our childhood homes all influence our beings whether we are aware or not. Little did I know as a child that those wide open skies and mesas would stay with me as they do living in the green landscapes of Florida.

Turquoise & Rust

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