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Coral Fourie Sometimes the world of Facebook is a good thing. Last year I stumbled upon the work of Coral Fourie via FB. I was deep into studying symbology and art and her work was so striking to me. Her use of color and the symbols she uses draw me in. I can spend hours looking at her work. If you go to her web page, I think you will fall in love with her work as well.

Last Spring – Coral Fourie
The Origin by Coral Fourie

“Coral believes that non-figurative art portrays the artist’s soul and that when art exposes that which cannot be seen, it is not merely a copy or purely decorative. She feels that this reveals an emotional state, a story, a meaning and that not all pictures are art because not all pictures bear witness to the soul.” E.H. du Plessis in an article for Nouveau Magazine.

I would love to know what artists have inspired you as well! I love to learn and hear about new artists. Post a photo of your favorite or send me an email. Lynne and I hope our prompts inspire you to continue to create and explore.

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