“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – -Albert Einstein

Each morning my day starts with feeding the kittens outside, feeding the pups inside and drinking my cup of coffee. Only then can I think about the day ahead. I, then must go out to play a bit of frisbee with Rhett, the Wonder Dog. These routines ground me into my day. What is your morning like?

Another round of the 10 Day Choose Art Challenge has come to an end, but really it is just a beginning for your own practice. I have my art table set up to start a new page in my symbolism journal which is a work in progress. I have some mandalas to play with. I have this idea for a larger work. And thoughts of sharing even more of my process. I love beginnings! What new beginnings to do you have in mind?

Lynne and I would love to cheer you on and share with you. Hope to see you soon!

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